RoboKind Robots

SERVICES: Web UI and UX (Multisite Redesign and Buildout), Product Photography, Content Creation and Marketing (Video and Written)


RoboKind Robots approached us for help on several levels: a need for a freshly redesigned, reorganized, and feature upgraded web presence; content to help with their governmental outreach efforts on behalf of ASD students; and upgraded product photography due to major visual and feature changes to their line of robots.

The company was already using WordPress for their sites, so we were able to pull the content over and, with minimal effort, reorganize it to suit their expanded goals. We also added new features such as community-driven support forums and AI chatbots to handle first line contact for sales and support.

For content creation we set up a blog content calendar and provided the company with a small, dedicated writing team to handle whatever type of message they needed to project. We also produced videos featuring actual teachers that utilized their robots in a classroom setting, telling their extremely poignant stories of how students would blossom from non-verbal, minimally communicative people into verbal, functional students capable of managing their emotions/stimming/meltdowns and carry on actual conversations with eye contact. These videos proved to be extremely effective messaging tools.

Lastly, we tried several cameras, locations, and lighting styles in order to best capture the robots to give them a more anthropomorphized feel and lifelike qualities. Surprisingly, natural light mixed with office fluorescents, shot on an iPhone 6 provided the best results, and had the advantage of being a high-quality digital format so we could use them immediately.