Gurun Investment Advisors

SERVICES: Visual Identity, Web UI and UX (Site Visual Redesign and Buildout)


Gurun Investment Advisors came to us with a nearly decade-old website built on obsolete technology. They needed our help to expand their clientele to younger, more tech-savvy investors.

We kept the vast majority of their site structure and information intact which allowed their clientele (mostly more mature users who tend to be less tech-savvy) to continue to navigate their site easily, but also give the site and company a completely fresh, mobile-friendly face to appeal to younger clientele.

The decision was also made that adding an iconmark to their existing wordmark would help with the perception that they are a high-end, Wall-Street-friendly, boutique investment house. We worked with multiple designs but the “Eiffel Tower” design made the most sense in all foreseeable applications.