Olypsis Technologies

SERVICES: Tag Line / Messaging, Web UI and UX (Site Redesign/Reorganization), Content Marketing


Olypsis was a fantastic example of a group of people with an excellent vision and product but had trouble actually presenting those to the world. Their website was basic, not well organized from a marketing perspective, and they had no presence driving traffic to the site.

We worked with their internal product UI team and provided them with a new, foundational website that livened up their presence as well as reorganized the existing information and added new touches such as short portfolio entries/testimonials in the form of “capsule studies”.

Giving them a new tag line served to be a challenge in that Olypsis’ products are based on Blockchain technology. In the world of Blockchain, “trustless” is a very positive thing, not to mention pivotal to the entire concept of Blockchain, but “less” denotes a base negative concept in the minds of most people. So, how to introduce the concept of “trustless” technology in a relatively positive manner?

I had the idea to tie the trust/trustless concept into something almost everyone can relate to: the loss of trust in a relationship, whether that relationship is with a person or organization. By introducing the idea of “being able to trust again”, the new tag line masks the “less” part of “trustless” behind the inherent hope of being able to “trust again”. The loss of trust is implied as opposed to being thrust to the forefront of the reader’s mind.